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Nature has always entranced me and So I love to capture it as best I can as it brings me closer to it: Landscapes, flowers, human form, animals, etc. The colors and shapes are a challenge and exciting to recreate along with my feelings about them.

Art Nouveau is also an inspiration for me with its flowing lines and natural subjects..

Also interested in making functional objects and have made a series of urns with lids as a vessel. I have made plaques as relief for hanging. 

More recently am doing figurative sculptures with live models.

I started life in New York where I was a painter and trying to paint myself a natural view doing landscapes. Then a lot of world traveling, I settled in Marin County where I am fulfilled with natural beauty, views, and inspiration.


Ceramic sculpture by JessICA GREEN

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I am located in Fairfax California, and have lived in Marin County for 45 years. My style is more or less representational rather than abstract. I have been doing art my whole life. I also have done Cloisonne enamel and Painting and calligraphy as well as jewelry making. Now doing bronzed figurative ceramic sculpture.

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I tend to do representational style work and am doing Bronzed figurative ceramic sculpture lately. I am  located in Fairfax in Marin County.

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